This Is Possible.


California Coastal Works provides expert land use guidance on high-value and highly-regulated property in the Golden State. We serve private clients and public agencies with the technical expertise and strategy needed to advise on planning issues and usher complicated applications through the entitlement process. Our team specializes within California’s coastal region statewide.

We understand regulatory compliance. From single-family homes, to multi-unit projects, to commercial and visitor-serving development, to policy documents for public agencies, our team skillfully navigates local Zoning Codes and General Plans, Local Coastal Programs, the Coastal Act, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and ever-changing state statutes for housing.  

We belong to a multi-cultural community of planners and regulatory experts. Our culture is tied to a vision of “This is Possible,” and through collaboration and strategy, successful development in coastal California works and is possible.